How to play Super Mx New Race ? 

I know you love motorcycles. Do you like racing? 
Are you ready to race in rough terrain with a great off-road engine with super mx new race? I know you're excited, but you need to get ready before we get started. You need to prepare before you can use the engine. There's a lot of equipment to make so you don't get hurt if you crash. Knee liners, elbows and helmets will always be your most basic protectors. Special biker coats and trousers will also prevent you from being harmed by the stones that will bounce off the ground in the meantime, which you join at high speed. When you're done with this, you're ready for the race. 
So if we're ready, let's start our new race. Don't try to get out of the way and cross the finish line early because if you try, you'll be back on your property. I'm sure being last when you're trying to finish early won't make you happy. 
You can also change the color of your bike and suit. My favorite is the yellow biker and the biker. What's your favorite? Let's take a screenshot and share it with us! Expect. 
The more you win the races, the more you can open up new terrain. That's the fun part. You'll be racing in different terrains with the best engines!


If you're playing from a computer, use the W, A, S, D 
If you're playing from a phone or tablet, you can play by clicking on the screen 

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