How to play Sushi Feast?

We are organizing sushi festival, one of the unique tastes of the Far East!

You have to destroy the sushi that our chef prepared very quickly for Sushi Feast before the tables are full.
How's it going?
You need to bring at least three sushis together. Does it look easy? 
I don't think so...
At least three sushis that you aim at and throw at least have to be side by side or the table will be full very quickly. As soon as the table is up, the game is over!


Our chief is the fastest and most talented chef in the Far East!
3 will disappear when the same sushi is coupled. You need to make room at the table quickly so you can target and shoot new sushi. The more room you make at the table, the more points you earn in Sushi Feast!
Don't forget to share your highest score with us at Sushi Feast! 
Let's play to grab the most delicious sushi from the Sushi Feast!


Press the left mouse button and shoot your target

If you're playing with the mobile device, tap and shoot

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