How to play TABLE FOOTBALL game?

Get ready for a table soccer game where you and your friend will have a lot of fun! The sweetest form of competition is with your friend! In this game, come an endless struggle against your friend. If you are a talented football player, you will be the winner of this game!
In this game, you will not be guiding your players with the keyboard keys. This is actually a game of thought and strategy. With which player do you hit the ball, you can score a goal against the opposing goal? At what angle you hit, you get another score? Here you have to have a certain strategy for all of this.
You will make the shots one by one and the players of the next player will be lit in white. This way you won't mess up and it will be a fair game! Be smart and resourceful will win in this game! Will it be you or your friend? Come play the game to find out!
Good luck and have fun!



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