How to play TACTICAL HERO game?

It will now be possible to spend your time having fun! In this game, you will go on brand new adventures with your friend or alone. Let's see how it plays!
In single player mode, you and your opponent will have 2 players. You will be able to control both of your players at the same time using the keys on the keyboard. You will cross the obstacles on the platforms and face the opposing team and the weapons will explode! You must kill them before they kill you! You can check your health in the information panel above your players!
You will enjoy the competition with your friends in two player mode! Your guns will speak instead of your mouths! Those who know how to fight and use weapons will win this game!
If your friend is constantly shooting at you, you can hide behind obstacles. When the time comes, you will attack when he has the place to escape!
Good luck and have fun!


Player 1: Arrow keys - Shoot: Mouse click

Player 2: WAD - Shoot: Space

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