How to play TANK RUMBLE game?

Get ready for a tank game full of strategy! Manage these tanks like a real soldier and crush the opponent.
There are modes in the game that you can play as one person or two people. You can also play against the computer. In these modes, you have to choose the difficulty level of your game and determine the platform you want to fight.
Do you want to fight in a free area or in a maze area? Which one do you think you will be successful in? Can you beat your opponents in this war?
In two player mode, your game screen will be divided into two. There will be small tanks on the platform that will shoot at you endlessly. Your goal is to find the opponent in this arena full of challenges and destroy his tank.
You can see the remaining health of your tanks on the panel that divides the screen. You can also follow your score here. Break all obstacles and destroy the opponent tank!
Good luck.


Player 1: WASD and Shoot: G

Player 2: Arrow keys and Shoot: L

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