How to play Tank Stormy game?

Get ready for the eternal struggle of tanks and the coming storms! In this game you will taste the struggle and the war. If you are a good enough warrior, others will also enjoy your win!
You will have fun while competing in this game with two players and a survive mode. In Survive mode, you will be on a platform with your tank. There are various walls here and you must reach the opponent tank by overcoming them. You have to destroy the tank you reached with your fire! They will work to destroy you too, so the faster you are, the better!
You will also race on the platform while playing with your friend. He will shoot at you and you will shoot at him. The soldier who maneuvers well and can use his tank well will be victorious in this war!
Good luck and have fun!


Player 1: "W,A,S,D" and "Q"

Player 2: "Arrow Keys" and "SPACE"

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