Tank Wars the Battle of Tanks, Fullscreen HD Game


How to play Tank Wars the Battle of Tanks, Fullscreen HD Game ?

You will have fun with this tank war game. At the same time, the background music will excite you even more. The game is not as easy as you think.
You have to fight both against your friend and against other tanks in this game with two player mode. The tanks come on you and try to shoot you. You will try to escape from them. You will try to shoot the tanks by cooperating with your friend. When you clear the arena from the tanks, you will be able to move on to the other section.
Each part is different from each other and it will get more and more difficult. You will be able to see how many lives you have left on the sides of the screen. If you don't need cooperation, you can also try the single player mode. But solidarity is required to enjoy!
At the end of the game, an information panel will open on your screen when you move to the next level. Here you will be able to see the damage you have done with your tank.
Take charge of these tanks if you are confident enough! Defeat all other tanks and be the winner of this tank battle!
Good luck and have fun!


Player 1: WASD and Space

Player 2: Arrow keys and mouse

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