How to play TENNIS MASTERS game?

Teniss lovers! You will be able to keep your connection with tennis alive in this game. For those who have never played, it's a great opportunity to learn tennis! Let's see how it plays!
In this game you will be on a grass field. You will try to pass your ball through the net adjusted to standard dimensions. The ball you throw must hit the opponent's court either once or never. If there is more than one, your opponent will lose that number.
One person uses the service at the beginning of each game. If you take the number of serves, you will be 'ace'. Your shots will be top and bottom. Of course, there are different throws in real tennis!
You can race against a friend in this tennis game. Are you confident enough to beat him? Come and show it. Good luck!


Player 1: AWD-move, V-hit, B-smash

Player2: Arrow keys-move, L-hit, K-smash


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