How to play The Ironic Zombie game?

Would you be friends with a zombie? Besides, this is a really scary zombie. But you will cooperate with it! There are two characters in this game. One is human and one is zombie. Choose the character you want and get the other one for your friend!
As you progress through the levels, you must collect the items you encounter. After you're done, you both have separate doors. Unless you both arrive at your doorstep, you cannot get to the next stage. You must cooperate!
You both have weapons in case you run into some dangers. And you have three lives. You can follow them at the top of the screen. Go through all the stages together and be careful not to die!
Your zombie friend needs to constantly eat green fruit. Or he's dying! You can follow how much to eat from the bottom of the screen.
Ready to go through all the stages? Good luck!


Human Move: "Arrow Keys" Shot: "L" Carry/Throw the Box: "K" Change Weapon: "U"

Zombi Move: Move: "W,A,S,D" Shot: "F" Grenade: "G" Change Weapon: "Q"

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