How to play TIC TAC TOE PLANETS game?

You fell into outer space. You don't remember anything. All you know is that you have to save the planet!
For this you will have to solve this difficult puzzle. But for an astronaut like you, it should be easy!
Your goal is to unite the three planets under the bottom, diagonally or left and right in the frames that appear on the screen. If you can achieve this, you can save the planet.
The game ends when the 3 planets are lined up as indicated. You can fight again if you wish. You can also play with a friend. I think that would be more complex. Because you will both try to save your own planet. This is going to be very difficult.
You can see who's in the turn above the screen. The planet of the first player is red. The color of the second player or computer is blue. Choose your color. Adjust your strategy. Save the planet!
Good luck!



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