How to play Tick Cross 2 Players game?

You are faced with an intelligence game that will test your capacity! You will play with your friend to make things difficult. Although it seems easy to defeat the opponent in this two-player game, on the contrary, it is very difficult!
This is a game we know. If you place three shapes of your own icon and color, side by side, bottom under or diagonally, you will get a score. While doing this, you have to prevent your opponent from winning. You have to act very strategically and think fast. This game is a disastrous game for those who think simple!
You can see your scores on the screen above and below the board. The players are in red and blue. Which one do you want to be? Decide now and start building your tactic.
You can also follow the round you are in from the top of the screen. Those who trust their brain's power should definitely play this game.
The interface is simple but difficult to play. Good luck already!


Mouse click

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