How to play TRUCK SOCCER game?

Trucks, football, racing, excitement and fun! Here you will find them all in this game! Everything you love gathered in this game. You need to create your strategy. Because it won't be as easy a match as it seems!
When starting the game, a ball will fall from the middle of the field. If you reach the ball first, you can quickly go to the opponent's goal. Your goal is to score the most goals in the opponent's goal before the time runs out. You will then see the winner. To put on the king's crown, you must be the winner!
Your opponent will attack you in the same way. You must also protect your castle. In short, you should play by paying attention to every detail!
Your opponent and your truck will have some marks on your truck. This will be expressed with the flag you choose before starting the game. Choose your country of origin. And represent it in the best way possible!
With the cheers of the fans, you will get even more gas. Do not let your country and its supporters fail. Win this match!
How many goals can you score at most? Of course with your truck! Will you be able to complete this game successfully?
Come and show it. Good luck!


Arrow Keys and Space.

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