How to play TUG OF WAR ZOMBIE game?

This scary game has creatures that nobody wants to encounter! Zombies! The aim of the zombies is to eat your brains. But your role in this game is a little different.
In this game, you will be zombies, not humans! And your goal is not to escape anyone. When these zombies could not find food human brains, they arranged a fun! Fun is the tug-of-war game!
There will be two teams in the game and the colors of these teams are blue and red. Choose the color of your team and don't miss this fun in the forest! Both teams will have 4 zombies each, and in the middle of the arena there will be a rotating saw that chops down zombies!
Whichever team is stronger will attract the other team's zombies to the saw and make them die. The stronger you pull the rope in this game, the better your chances of survival!
Good luck and have fun.


Player 1: W

Player 2: Up arrow key

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