How to play Tug The Table Classic game?

Here who trusts in arm strength! More precisely, I guess we should have said finger strength. This game will make you crazy and entertain! All you have to do is stay focused and stay focused!
Your characters are orange and blue. Choose your colors with your friend and start the game in this game that you can play with two people.
Your aim is to bring the table to your side by pulling from both ends of the table. The first to achieve this earns a star. There will be slight changes in your characters as they progress through their levels and sometimes there will be a bomb on your table!
If this bomb falls on your head, you will lose even if the table is on your side. You have to watch out for the bomb! Bury your opponent, your friend, on this platform!
You can also play against the computer if you wish. Have fun and lots of strength. You will need power!


Player 1: Up arrow key

Player 2: W

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