How to play TWO TUBES 3D game?

You are facing a great game! We are sure that all of you love these games! The biggest advantage of this game is that you can race with your friend.
You can compete with him and beat him on the track. Let's see how to play the game!
You will see a track around you when you start the game. So you will be able to play like 3D. You will try to get rid of the obstacles you encounter with your keys. So you're going to do it right and left.
When you get stuck in the obstacle, you will lose the game. If your friend continues, he will overpower you. So be concentrated and try not to lose it.
You will have a lot of fun with this legendary game that will get harder and faster! You will be dizzy, you will be hypnotized. But still it will be worth it. Ask the track from you!
If you get stuck on the obstacle and start over, all your progress will go and you will start over. You have to pass the obstacles quickly. If you're late, you'll still get stuck with them.
Good luck and be very careful!


Player 1: Left-Right arrows

Player 2: A-D

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