How to play ULTIMATE CHESS game?

Welcome to the best 2 player board game.You are about to play the most useful game for developing intelligence and strategic thinking skills, chess! Now you can play this game which has been competed all over the world and everyone loves!
There are 8x8 and 6x6 options in the game, the settings of which you can choose. You can choose the 3D option to increase the realism of the game.
The white piece always makes the first move in chess. In the game of chess, the pieces are arranged in two rows. There are pawns in the front. Pawns can move forward or diagonally. It is only possible for them to act as a Cross by eating one of the opponent's soldiers.
You have castles on your two corners of the board. These rooks can move forward or sideways. There is no limit to the number of squares they can navigate in one move.
All soldiers have a single goal. Protecting the king! How would you like to learn the movements of other soldiers yourself in this challenging game? Good luck.



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