Welcome to this space concept game with two player and single player modes! You will encounter a wide variety of obstacles in this game and every step will get more and more difficult.
With two space characters, you will pass the stages and face the obstacles that come your way. Some of these obstacles will be thorns and spinning balls. Also, you have to follow the green arrows in the game to understand which way to go in the section.
There will be super powers that you can collect in the game. These will protect you against dangers for a few seconds. You will need these super powers to overcome other obstacles in your way.
In cooperation, you will break down walls and collect the items you need to collect. Each of you will need superpowers to complete the level and of course cooperation.
Will you be able to finish this game while watching the world behind you in this adventure set in space? Good luck.


Player 1: Move: WASD, Light: J, Shield: K, HP:L

Player 2: Move: Arrow keys, Light: 1, Shield: 2, HP: 3

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