How to play UNO Card Game game?

Are you ready to learn and play the UNO game to your heart's content, either against the computer or with its multiplayer mode? In this card game you have to act strategically and try to finish off your cards before the opponents!
There are certain rules that you should pay attention to in the game. You should pay attention to either the number or the color on the cards that are thrown in turns. If you do not have a card of the same color or the same number of cards, you must draw a card from the spot.
There are cards in the game that you should pay attention to. They penalize the opponent with two or four cards. The player who received this penalty cannot play that hand. At the same time, his opponent has an skipped card on his hand in addition to the additional card penalty. In this card, the person who has met the penalty cannot play that hand.
When the wild cards are thrown, everyone's cards can be mixed and the color of the game can be changed. Good luck and have fun.



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