How to play VIKING WARS 2 TREASURE game?

The Vikings are not idle again and are entering a new war! This war will not be just a war where they put each other to the sword. They will try to be better in an arena!
In the game, two vikings will be constantly moving mutually. Your goal is to make them jump whenever they need to. The jumping Vikngs will both kill each other when they fall upon each other. They will also collect diamonds that are hung from the arena by a rope.
You have to work harder than a normal battle and pay attention to everything! Besides the diamonds you will collect, there will be some super powers. These will be super powers that can blast your opponent and earn you a score!
The person who wins 5 times in a game will be the winner of that game. Good luck vikings! Choose your color and grab your sword.


Player 1: W

Player 2: Up arrow key

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