How to play WHEELIE BIKER game?

For those who like to ride a bike but don't have time to ride, this game is exactly what you want! You will both ride a bike and have a lot of fun while performing the task this game gives you!
In the game, you will be a cyclist wearing a helmet on a bike. Your goal is to drive this bike between two specific areas. To do this, simply touch the screen. But if you press the screen too much, the bike will tip over.
On the other hand, if you only ride a normal bike you will not be able to reach the determined score and you will not be able to pass the level. To score, you just have to ride the bike with the rear wheel! This will be an amazing balance game!
Who will be able to pass all the stages in this game? Who will make the highest score in this game where you can also buy new bikes? Good luck.



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