How to play WRESTLE ONLINE game?

You are faced with a game with one, two and more players! The cheering from the audience will bring you more gas while playing this game.
It's up to you to double or even triple the excitement and fun! Grab your friend and get on that ring!
Your aim is to make your character touch the platform by jumping. If you are worth it, his score will increase. There are various platforms in each game. This will sometimes be to your advantage and sometimes to your disadvantage. But a good fighter can handle it all, right!
Whoever reaches 5 stars in total will win the game. You can see these stars at the top of the screen. This game will really piss you off. Because it's not as easy as it seems!
You have to be faster than your opponent. You must have different strategies than him. You should know the platforms you will fight well. It will be the king of the rings that can do all this!
It is also possible to change your clothes and create your own style. You will see this on the home screen. You have to save money for different clothes. Have fun!


Player 1: W

Player 2: Up Arrow Key

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