How to play XMAS ROOFTOP BATTLES game?

You've never seen Santa Claus like this before! Our dream Santa Claus would distribute gifts to all of us! But this ... This is very different!
While Santa Claus sets his gifts to the children for Christmas, he realizes that his deer have been kidnapped. It is fake Santa Claus who missed! He escaped with the gifts in the sled. He will trick the kids and instead of giving them gifts he will get their candy!
Real Santa Claus loves children. So he decides to go after fake Santa. When he catches him, he will ask for his account!
But fake Santa Claus is always running away from him. The truth will struggle to defeat it wherever it finds it. Sometimes he drops bombs at him, sometimes bullets! But these look like sugar.
It's your job to defeat the lying Santa! Help the real Santa Claus out with the fake! Save the kids from this Santa Claus.
Isn't it hard to tell which one is real when you both look the same? If you fall outside the arena, your opponent's score will increase. Don't let him win!
Merry Christmas!



Tap controls or use W,E (or O,P) to shoot/jump

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