How to play XMAS RUSH game?

Do you have a breathtaking race between your car and snowy trees on a Christmas day? You shouldn't really slow down in this game where you will race against time.
Have a great time with this car racing game while you are waiting for your married santa in the Christmas holidays 2020. Your goal is to see the finish line before the deadline. Are you a good enough driver to do this?
As you level up, your path will change and your time will increase. So it will get more and more difficult. Come to tell Santa that you have mastered this game and start playing this game now! You can also describe the Christmas-decorated vehicles you see on the road!
You will see your speedometer at the bottom left. In the upper left corner you can see how long you finished your previous race. You will see how much time you have left above your screen.
Merry Christmas!


Arrow keys

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