How to play XMAS WHEELIE game?

Santa Claus must be very bored in the 2020 christmas! He looked for new excitements and decided to use the Christmas holiday in a very different way. Santa Claus is on a bicycle this Christmas! Come and witness his adventure!
The game might be a little difficult. But once you get used to it, you will be sure that Santa has chosen the right game. You are on a platform and you have a limit set in blue. Once you cross this limit with your bike, you cannot increase the speed of the bike.
So it is free to speed as much as you want before this limit! But if you do more than necessary, the santa claus will tip over with his bike! You have to adjust your speed very well.
With every new score, Santa will have that great laugh! Ho ho ho! You will have a great holiday this Christmas. Good luck and happy newborns!



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