How to play Zombie Parade Defense game?

This game is a game for one or two players. In this game, your goal is to defend your tower. So what will you protect your building from? Of course, as the name suggests, from zombies! You can choose the difficulty level of your game after determining the number of players when starting the game.
The zombies that come in the game will get stronger with each wave. You, on the other hand, must take the aid boxes that fall from the air and strengthen your weapons. You will see the bird zombies coming as you progress. There are weapons for them too.
Zombies from the ground and sky are dying to reach your tower. If they approach you, your health will decrease too. You have to be careful. You should not spend too much bullets of your gun.
As your money accumulates, you can set up high-level defense systems. Good luck soldiers! Protect your tower against zombies.


Player 1: Move: "W,A,S,D" Switch Gun: "Q" Go in/out Base: "F"

Player 2: Move: "ARROW KEYS" Switch Gun: "P" Go in/out Base: "L" P.S: Use "MOUSE" to activate Weapons and Power-ups.

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