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People enjoy playing games at all ages of their lives. Playing games is an activity that makes people happy and enjoyable. While playing games, people get away from anxiety and stress in their lives. Sometimes we play the game to forget the bad things we experience in daily life. But no matter what, the game has always managed to be a part of our lives and has an important place in our social relationships. Regarding this issue, the famous thinker Gross said "game is preparation for life".

Play is an activity that allows your child to learn on his own by trying and having fun, sometimes the rules are determined and known, and sometimes it develops spontaneously and includes feelings of happiness, enthusiasm, excitement, and curiosity.

We mentioned that play is an activity that has an important place in children's mental development. The child always finds a way to socialize by establishing games on his own or with his friends in any environment. The child learns to take responsibility for the games they play and experiences social rules. They also gain control of thoughts, relationships, and emotions through play.

For adults, play is the most natural way to communicate with children and share their world, and it is also one of the healthiest methods.

If you ask about the benefits of playing games;

1) It makes you feel happy and relaxes you. Because you are doing an activity you like while playing games, your stress decreases, people feel happy and relaxed. Did we mention that the game also helps you delay aging?

2) It makes it easier for you to control your anger. Playing games helps people to suppress negative impulses, accumulated aggression, and anger without harming themselves and their environment.

3) It allows you to see details and improves your reflexes. A study conducted in the United States showed that people who played action games had a significant increase in their visual clarity and ability to notice details.

4) Improves your problem-solving skills. Online games; In addition to categories such as race, luck, fight, strategy, it includes many features that are necessary to solve a problem such as solving a problem and cooperation.

5) Helps to improve your ability to make quick decisions. While children can play and express themselves, they can also improve themselves. Playing games also contribute to children's creativity and improves their ability to make quick decisions. Children learn to take responsibility like a manager or leader when appropriate.

6) It reduces psychological problems in daily life. Studies show that games can reduce pain by 30% to 50% by distracting attention.

7) It helps to concentrate and focus. Studies conducted in Germany reveal that playing games for 30 minutes a day significantly improves the parts of the brain related to recognition, remembering, strategic thinking, and motor skills.

8) It allows you to view events from different angles. Playing games teaches you to look at things from different angles and to follow alternative paths to the conclusion.

As Happy Kid Games, we publish games developed worldwide and games developed by us. With our innovative and dynamic research and development team, we regularly include new and updated games on our site every day. In addition to these, we offer you a platform that constantly renews itself with the trends we follow, online, free, and always free.

Our Mission

To provide our valuable users with all kinds of comfort, entertainment, and convenience related to games online in a safe and modern environment without interruption and to provide service and uninterrupted support in these standards by following the worldwide quality standards in order to provide the most creative experience in all matters related to online games.

With our dynamic and innovative team, Happy Kid Games continues its research and development studies 24/7 to provide you with better quality service and also aims to be one of the world's largest online game sites.

Our Vision

In 2020, we set out with the vision of offering the most entertaining games of world standards to our valued guests by using the most trendy communication and computer technologies. other games the following process in Turkey and the world as we have developed our own design and offer fun games as well as worldwide via our website next to them will be sharing with you, our valued guests.

We aim to be a leading gaming site in the industry that offers valuable solutions to our valuable players to find the most suitable game, follows the developments in the world game industry and adapts rapidly to innovations, informs our players about these developments and innovations.

As Happy Kid Games, we always produce quality games. We continue on our way with our vision of becoming the world's most preferred leading game site. We try to give our guests all the information they can get about games on the internet. This ongoing project will progress towards being the best throughout its broadcast life.

Our Goals

Turkey and bring new perspectives and standards in the online gaming industry in the world.

Turkey and to contribute to reaching the online gaming industry worldwide by developing global standards.

To deliver the games we produce with social responsibility awareness to a more diverse and larger target audience within the framework of the rates determined in international standards.

To support the use of games not only as entertainment tools but also as one of the most effective and enjoyable mass media in the world, as well as for educational purposes.

Turkey and everything started one game in the world can be found and an online game site is called when the game comes to mind first site to be on everyone's game.

We have determined to be the leading online game site among the countries of the world as one of our goals. It is among our goals to bring together players of all ages. If we can entertain a family's grandfather and grandchild together in the same virtual environment on our site, it means that we are moving towards our goals.

We know that privacy and security are important factors on the internet. You and your child should be able to have fun in a safe environment. As our players, you can play games with your peers in a fun way and you will not have time to get bored with new games that are constantly added.

What games can I find on happykidgames.com?

At Happy Kid Games, we help you explore immersive, vibrant, and fantastic worlds. If you like to spend time on desktop or tablet, mobile devices, or if you like to immerse yourself in fantastic, fictional worlds, you can go on an adventure with any of our games developed for you. You can easily access our site, which includes games for individuals of all ages and everyone will love, from both your desktop computers and mobile devices such as phones and tablets. All games are supported by mobile devices.

Our talented colleagues offer content that will attract the attention of gamers of all ages and care about society and family structure. All games on the Happy Kid Games site have been subjected to the necessary regulations and tested by our expert staff, and all content that may harm children has been removed. In particular, game contents are monitored and observed, thus creating a safer platform for you where moral values ​​are important. If you encounter inappropriate game content on our platform, please report it by writing to us.

Each user who logs into the free platform we have created can benefit from all applications on the site.

The important thing is that Happykidgames.com has games that individuals of all ages can play and that all these games are played with great pleasure.

You can find all other information about our portal on our site www.happykidgames.com.

About Categories

As Happy Kid Games game site, we aimed to establish a quality and brand new game site for our guests. You can access the games on our site from both your desktop and mobile devices and have fun. While organizing the games, we made sure that they fit their categories. We aim for our players to have fun outside of their daily responsibilities.

You can find all the games you want to play using the search section on our site. You can also choose games according to the categories. If you want to play a game that you have searched but cannot find on our site, you can reach us from the contact section and request us to add the game you want to our site. We are always happy to see you on our website www.happykidgames.com, provided we do not neglect your daily responsibilities.

Games are started and played directly on browsers via the computer. For example; Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. If you want to play the games on your mobile devices or tablets, you can access our site with the internet browsers available on your phone.

Thanks to the systems and high-security measures we have made, your computer, tablet, or mobile devices are not in any virtual danger.

You can find all categories in boxes on our homepage. We added small pictures to these boxes to make them more understandable.

As girl games under categories; You can always find popular games such as make-up and dress up games, cooking games. You can find very popular hyper-casual games, car games, battle, racing games for men. We haven't forgotten our adult players. You can have fun and enjoyable time with games such as strategic games, puzzle games, billiards, bowling, board games, and, chess.

You can also access other game content you want to play from the main categories on the homepage. You can play action games, adventure games, classic games, fighting games, kids games, sports games, our games, math, wrestling, balance, 1 player, motorcycle, maze, soccer, food, platform, board games for free.

In addition to this, you can also find 2 player games and 3-4 player games that you can play with your friend groups on our site. You can technically find online html5 games and you can also choose to play WebGL games with 3D graphics from your desktop computer.

You can find the most visited games in the title of the most played game we added to our homepage. Also, there are our frequently preferred games under the title of 2 player games, which are among the most preferred.

Our players can collect their favorite games in the My Game Box on the homepage without being a member of our site.

You can add any game you like to your favorites by clicking the Add To My Game Box option in the upper left corner.

You can easily access these games from My Game Box without searching later. We know that searching is difficult with so many game options, so we placed the My Game Box directly on the homepage to give you more possibilities.

It doesn't matter whether it's skill games, make-up or dress-up games, racing, puzzle or sports games. At www.happykidgames.com, our players of all ages can find a game they will love without the need for any download or installation.

Access the most popular games anytime, anywhere.

We are constantly trying to add new updated games and features to www.happykidgames.com. You can find everything you are looking for online games at www.happykidgames.com.

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